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Relocation managers know firsthand that without a working familiarity with the language of the host location, assignees can face obstacles far beyond simply getting by in day to day situations. Yet, in one of the most important assignment locations today, gaining that language competency won’t be…
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Most expats understand the value of cross-cultural training. They recognize the need to connect effectively with their host cultures in order to maximize success. But do expats feel similarly about repatriation integration coaching?
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There are twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac, and the Year of the Monkey—which begins at the start of Lunar New Year on 8 February—is the ninth in the 12-year cycle.
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Third-Culture Kid ...aha; that explains it! When I was younger, I didn’t know there was a term to describe a child who lives in a country (or countries) that’s different from their parents’ home country – an experience shared by many relocating kids!