June 13, 2017

Cartus Shortlisted in B2B Marketing People Awards

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Cartus Shortlisted in B2B Marketing People Awards

Posted by: Shelley Northrop, Vice President, Marketing

I’m proud to announce that the Cartus Global Marketing Team has been shortlisted for the prestigious B2B Marketing People Awards Marketing Team of the Year for its work on our Have Done, Will Do campaign. This campaign provides a great foundation for understanding the unique challenges facing relocating employees and their families, and the companies that move them. The personal stories told by Cartus employees highlight the flexible solutions that Cartus customizes to make transferring employees’ lives, and moves, easier.

The B2B People Awards takes place on Thursday 22 June at the Business Design Centre in London. Fingers crossed for a win!

For more information on our Have Done, Will Do stories, please visit www.cartus.com/havedonewilldo.

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Shelley Northrop

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Shelley is vice president, Marketing for Cartus with more than 25-years experience in global relocation and real estate marketing. She leads the incredibly talented, creative, and somewhat wacky global marketing team for Cartus.

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