March 10, 2016

Cost Savings for Global Relocation Managers

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Cost Savings for Global Relocation Managers

Controlling costs is always at the front of relocation managers’ minds. Perhaps unsurprisingly, cost was rated as the top challenge for 78% of respondents in Cartus’ 2015 Biggest Challenges survey. But what to do about it, and where to start, is the real question.

Cartus’ recent Mobility Insights: Achieving Cost Savings Through Policy Design, takes a holistic look at how you can review your relocation programme for cost savings in a way that is in line with your culture, key business drivers, and overall mobility strategy.

Effectively Achieving Cost Savings in Your Relocation Program

We offer concrete steps that you can take towards redefining your policy by providing a roadmap that includes surveys of key stakeholders, examination of data such as assignee demographics and retention rates, and the importance of utilizing benchmarking to assess your policy’s competitiveness in the current market. Several case studies are also included that illustrate how Cartus clients have achieved cost savings in a number of different areas of their programmes.

For further information about how you can control your relocation costs read our Mobility Insights: Achieving Cost Savings Through Policy Design.

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