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Florian Geier

Florian is from Munich, Germany, and joined Cartus in October 2004 as an International Consultant. In his current role as Director, Client Services, Germany, Florian leads a team of German consultants in our Munich office, transforming client requirements into creative customer solutions.

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Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany, a major financial centre in Europe and houses many global corporate headquarters as well as the European Central Bank. However, Frankfurt’s highly competitive rental market can be challenging for international assignees. This issue of Germany…
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Earlier this year, Cartus conducted a pulse survey with leading German companies to understand their relocation trends and issues. The findings provide valuable insight into the current challenges faced by German companies.
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Our latest Cartus Germany MarketWatch focuses on Munich, a frequent destination for international assignees. In particular we discuss the city’s rental market trends, available property-types and popular expatriate neighbourhoods. We also take a look at the wider rental market trends across Germany.