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Patrice Heinzer

Patrice is vice president, Intercultural & Language Solutions and Consulting. She has held a wide variety of leadership posts at Cartus since 1989. She also successfully completed extended business assignments in Singapore and Australia.

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Cartus Industry Profiles present brief but detailed snapshots of the different ways individual industries approach key issues related to the handling of their relocation programs. Based on data gathered in the Cartus 2014 Global Mobility Policy & Practicessurvey, Industry Profiles examine issues…
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Are you an international HR professional who is juggling the needs of assignees with the pressure to contain costs? If so, you are likely being asked to justify an initial investment in cross-cultural and language training. The experts at Cartus will help provide a new perspective on measuring the…
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“Failure to thrive” is a condition sometimes diagnosed in infants whose weight and physical development lag behind the norm. Elderly people can also fail to thrive due to illness and depression. But what about a situation in which an entire family fails to thrive?