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Matthew Chamberlain

Matthew is our EMEA based Manager of Consulting Services. He joined Cartus in 2010 as a member of our Intercultural and Language Solutions team and moved to our Consulting group in 2015. Matthew has worked and travelled extensively overseas and speaks Italian, Spanish, and German.

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As Brexit negotiations are underway, there’s wide and ongoing speculation as to what the final deal between the European Union (EU) and the UK may look like, and how this will affect international companies across the whole industry spectrum. Our Mobility Insights: Looking at LocationFeasibility is…
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Global mobility is always changing. Read about what Cartus considers to be some of the key future trends in global mobility and talent management.
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As companies search for new opportunities and growth, they are inevitably reaching new and increasingly challenging regions, countries, and markets, placing an ever-growing pressure on international assignees’ capabilities to adapt and thrive there.