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Matthew Chamberlain

Matthew is our EMEA based Manager of Consulting Services. He joined Cartus in 2010 as a member of our Intercultural and Language Solutions team and moved to our Consulting group in 2015. Matthew has worked and travelled extensively overseas and speaks Italian, Spanish, and German.

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Much of what used to be standard practice in terms of assignment patterns and support can no longer be taken for granted. One prime example is the emerging trend of the split family, when the assignee and family live apart for some time—or permanently—during an assignment.
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European countries have become an increasingly important destination for global companies and their international assignees. Regardless of the home or host destinations, intra-Europe relocations are often approached with similar core benefits. Despite their close proximity, each European country…
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Controlling costs is always at the front of relocation managers’ minds. Perhaps unsurprisingly, cost was rated as the top challenge for 78% of respondents in Cartus’ 2015 Biggest Challenges survey. But what to do about it, and where to start, is the real question.