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Ashley Barry

Ashley is the director of Supply Chain Management for Asia. She has more than a decade of global relocation experience, specializing in supplier sourcing, supplier performance management, and relocations to Asia’s key emerging markets.

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Myanmar is a unique expatriate destination, combining warm hospitality and friendly people with a rich culture and history. However, an international assignment to Myanmar is not without its challenges. Cartus’ latest video provides hints and tips for those planning to relocate to Myanmar. 
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For many people, Australia conjures up visions of koalas, kangaroos, and even cowboys. But as most international assignees quickly find out, Australia also boasts vibrant cities, a melting pot of food and dining experiences, and a vibrant, beautiful landscape that they come to love.
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No two Indian cities are the same. The people, the features, the food, the traditions, and the customs are exciting and intriguing. There’s a lot to learn when preparing  for an international assignment. Our latest On The Ground video on India gives hints and tips for a successful relocation to this…