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Patrick Lewis

Patrick is manager, marketing communications at Cartus. He has more than 15 years of marketing, communications, and writing experience, and a decade of global relocation experience.

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Cartus published nearly 140 blog posts during the past year focused on a wide variety of topics for relocation and HR professionals. Your views and shares have helped the Cartus team identify the most popular posts for 2015, and here’s a look at the Top Ten!
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Cartus has just concluded its fifth annual Biggest Challenges Survey—a much-anticipated part of our ongoing research program representing the input of 148 relocation managers around the world.
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Worldwide ERC® has just released its 2015 Transfer Volume and Cost Survey, sponsored by Cartus. The survey reflects responses from organizations across a variety of industries, and highlights improved market conditions in the U.S., increased relocation volume, and a decline in employees’ reluctance…