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Patrick Lewis

Patrick is manager, marketing communications at Cartus. He has more than 20 years of marketing, communications, and writing experience, and a decade of global relocation experience.

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Enterprise mobility can be defined as the combination of people, processes, and technology built around mobile devices, wireless networks, and cloud computing that allow businesses to work in a decentralized fashion. Global mobility, in which employees relocate for jobs around the world, is a direct…
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It is more critical now than ever for multinational companies to stay informed of the ever-changing mobility landscape. How mobility interacts with organizational talent strategies, and what is driving change fore companies, is an area continually growing in importance. Please be sure to join us for…
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Just a quick reminder that Cartus’ sixth annual Relocation’s Biggest Challenges survey is scheduled to close on Wednesday, October 11. If you’ve already completed the survey, thank you! If not, we invite you to participate and share your insights, perspectives, and best practices.