Have Done. Will Do. The Back Stories

At Cartus, our more than 60 years in the business, moving thousands of employees in 185 countries, has given us the experience to handle any situation. Take a look at the stories below and see how our “Have Done, Will Do” approach has translated into customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients and their transferring employees around the world. 

Relocating in Harmony



An employee relocating back to Shanghai had high reverence for one well-established China tradition, and it was one that made house hunting a unique challenge! Read more.

tuition-plain.jpgCaring and Customization for Continuing Education

When one client committed to helping a large number of their displaced employees get training that would help them get new jobs, they needed empathetic, thorough administration of a unique training program. Read more.

reporting_for_duty-plain.jpgReporting for Duty

When a complex, multinational client had an exceptionally tight timeframe for a demanding reporting request, involving years of data that had been mishandled by their previous supplier, Cartus delivered. Read more.

bulldog.pngFrom Russia, with Love

When a Russian assignee accepted a job in Switzerland, there was no doubt that her beloved companion would be relocating with her. It wasn’t going to be easy to arrange, because her significant pet was a slightly plump bulldog with some breathing issues. Read more.

intercultural2-plain.jpgGive the People What They Want – As Well As What They Need!

When transferring to a foreign country, the odds of an assignee’s success are greatly improved with cross cultural training. The way that training is provided, however, can vary in both style and in cost. Read more.

baby-on-plane.pngAn Unusual Carry-On

When a senior executive was asked to relocate to Asia, he and his wife were eager to accept the assignment. A key requirement for the family: shipping one and a half months’ worth of frozen breast milk for their new baby. Read more.

girl-with-baby.pngAll in the Family

Five-bedroom properties are rare in Paris, but that’s just what one assignee needed for a complex relocation, since eight people would be accompanying him on his move! Read more.


school.pngGetting an Education on Education

Significant differences in UK school fees were making budgets difficult for one company. They needed consistency, but were reluctant to reduce support in a critical area of importance. How did they address the issue? Read more.

korea.pngMaking the Unfamiliar Feel Like Home for a Group Move

When a client faced a group move to an unfamiliar location in Asia, we developed support initiatives designed to make the new location feel like home. Read more.

goat.pngRelocating Got Your Goat?

Cartus client services manager, Daedra, was up against quite a challenge when she found herself responsible for a family’s relocation to the Houston area. In addition to meeting the long-term needs of her transferring employee, his wife and their children, she also needed to find temporary housing that could accommodate their goat. Read more.