Client Solutions

Our online and mobile technology solutions are more than repositories of information; they are tools for managing multiple aspects of your program. CartusOnline and CartusMobile give your relocation administrators access to online reports as well as employee move status, trend information, and estimate tools that provide more accurate forecasting of costs and budgets. Powered by our global case management system, our Web and mobile portals offer real-time information and can be customized with links, documents, and reports that are specific to your company.

Integrated relocation technology tools save you time and money

For mobility administrators and human resource managers, our technology offers:

  • Detailed reporting and descriptive analytics. Comprehensive program and move insights allow your managers to make well-informed decisions backed by robust data. Our interactive client dashboard with multiple data visualization options provides advanced, at-a-glance information about your relocation program.
  • Improved policy adherence. Consistent application of client policies translates into reduced program costs and improved employee satisfaction.
  • User flexibility. You can sort employee information in multiple ways and create “Favorites” to track key moves.
  • Online authorization. Our flexible, automated, customizable tool expedites new initiations.
  • Cost estimation and comparison. You can access a variety of cost estimate and budgeting tools to give you a better understanding of overall move costs.
  • Mobile management solutions. CartusMobile allows you to review and approve/reject exceptions, add key employees to “Favorites” for easy tracking, receive notifications from Cartus for important events that need attention, and much more.

“The system/tools that Cartus offers to their clients is streamlined and basically does all the work for you, which tells me that, from a technology perspective, Cartus truly considers their clients’ needs and the pain points that could be encountered within the relocation and expatriation process. This is most helpful!”

 McGraw-Hill Education Global Holdings, LLC

Predictive analytics: the latest frontier

Most corporations have been collecting data for years, using it to dissect past performance and trends. The presentation of this data is referred to as descriptive analytics. We currently provide this for our clients via the Interactive Client Dashboard, for example.

predictive analyticsHowever, the next frontier in relocation will be conquered by those companies best able to leverage predictive analytics to provide clients with actionable insights about their mobility programs. At Cartus, our Leading Edge Analytics Practice—LEAP—is developing predictive analytics algorithms and statistical models to forecast relocation outcomes using information drawn from our extensive data repository. In fact, we are uniquely positioned in the industry to offer these types of solutions to our clients.

With millions of data points amassed over the last 30 years, Cartus has reached the critical threshold required to make our predictions not only valid, but specifically relevant to our highly diverse client base. It’s for this reason that we believe the applications derived from LEAP will stand as the first true predictive analytics for the relocation industry.