Cartus hosts, and participates in, global, regional, and local educational and networking opportunities to keep you up to date with industry trends, and give you the chance to discuss your organization's relocation challenges with your peers.

Throughout the year, we offer online, interactive eLearning seminars, fully-hosted, face-to-face roundtable discussions, and participate in key industry events.

Here's what attendees said of Cartus' recent elearning, "Top 10 Evolving Trends Shaping Real Estate," with Anthony Cristaudo of Cartus Home Loans, and Tom Lacey, Inventory & Supply Chain Director, Cartus:

“The presenters were practiced, articulate and smooth. The presentation was easy to follow, and they provided comprehensive information that I wouldn't have learned elsewhere. Excellent, loved it!”

“This was outstanding. I really liked that Anthony talked about the trends, and then Tom added 'but what does it really mean to me in relocation?'" 

Listen to a playback of the webinar.

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