July 30, 2014

2014 Cartus College Scholarship Winners

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2014 Cartus College Scholarship Winners

Developing global leadership for the future is the key focus of Talent Management initiatives by companies around the world. Cartus believes you can’t start too early, and one of the ways we support this is through our annual scholarship awards for dependent children of our employees.

All of this year’s 20 scholarship applicants are highly motivated achievers whose accomplishments made the selection committee’s work extremely difficult. But our three student winners are truly exceptional and could serve as examples for the rest of us, regardless of age or experience. In fact, I think we can all agree that if these extraordinary young people are indicative of the world’s future leaders, then their working world will be a place where excellence is the standard.

This year’s recipients have all earned outstanding GPAs and have compiled enormously impressive records of participation in projects at school, in their communities, and even globally.

Here are snapshots of each:

Anna Northrop grew up in Sandy Hook, CT, andspent two summers living and working in different areas of Africa. This combination of experiences has led her to a passion for both community and global health issues. A talented student, athlete, and leader, Anna plans to pursue her dream of making a difference in global health issues via a major in human biology at Stanford University.

Anna is the daughter of Marketing Vice President Shelley Northrop. She has been awarded a $2,000 Cartus scholarship.

Kelly Roper, a Bethel, CT, resident, has been an active volunteer in her community as well as at school. She is a scholar and a leader in various community-service groups, but her first love is the performance arts. She is a musician, an actress, and a singer who plans to study all aspects of the theater world at Suffolk University.

Kelly is the daughter of Supply Chain Director Ken Roper. She has been awarded a $1,000 Cartus scholarship.

Patrick Murphy of Shelton, CT, is a high achiever in the realms of both athletics and scholarship. He is a dedicated community volunteer and at school, he served as captain of the Yale Physics Olympics team. Writing about his baseball career, he describes himself as a “sacrifice bunter” whose goal is not necessarily to get on base but instead, to enable his team’s victory in any way he can. He plans to study mechanical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Patrick is the son of IT Project Manager Thomas Murphy. He has been awarded a $1,000 Cartus scholarship.

Young people like Kelly, Patrick, and Anna—and all of our applicants—give us faith that the world’s future is in very good hands!

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