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Relocation Can Mean Less Time for Language Training Assignees moving to a new global location frequently face a double-edged sword when it comes to language. They know they need to master the new language, but they simply don’t have the time for the face-to-face, in-person training that would…
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What is the common connection between an engineer, a doctor, a police officer, a school guidance counselor, and a corporate account manager? At the recent World Language Beyond the Classroom Day at Newtown High School in Sandy Hook, CT, it became clear that a skill in a second language was a common…
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Relocation managers know firsthand that without a working familiarity with the language of the host location, assignees can face obstacles far beyond simply getting by in day to day situations. Yet, in one of the most important assignment locations today, gaining that language competency won’t be…
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Most expats understand the value of cross-cultural training. They recognize the need to connect effectively with their host cultures in order to maximize success. But do expats feel similarly about repatriation integration coaching?