February 25, 2016

Assisting Assignees Whose Children Have Special Needs

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Assisting Assignees Whose Children Have Special Needs

Families with special needs children are often resistant to accepting an international relocation unless they can be certain that their child will be appropriately supported in the new location. Experienced providers have the knowledge necessary to help identify the most appropriate educational options in the family’s new location. They facilitate these often complex cases by sourcing schools and therapists, and brainstorming alternative educational options, if necessary. The goals of these efforts are an effective placement for the student and, by extension, a smooth transition for the family.

Companies that transfer employees, particularly to destinations outside the U.S., might consider proactively polling potential transferees concerning any child’s need for a special educational setting. And rather than wait for candidates to disclose a potential schooling concern, employers would be well advised to raise the subject early on in the selection process—while making it clear that the only purpose of the inquiry is to get a head start on finding the best fit for the child.

Parents also need to understand that it’s in everyone’s best interest for them to be completely honest about the extent of their child’s learning differences. It benefits no one to conceal or minimize the help that a child needs. It is only fair to all concerned to fully inform school staff regarding the support needed to help the child succeed.

Starting Early and Teamwork Help Ensure Relocation Success

The key to all of the foregoing advice is to start early. Discuss the student’s needs with a dedicated special needs educational consultant, school personnel, and therapists; interacting with a team of experts such as this will help sort out all the options for the student and the family. It will quickly become clear that taking the first step in the journey makes subsequent steps less daunting, and in the end, the international assignment—and equally importantly, the student—will benefit from the teamwork put forth by parents and educators.

Click here to read an article in MOBILITY Magazine that examines how School Choice International facilitates a move to Asia with a special needs child, the challenges of such a move, what to look for in a special education setting, and more.

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Ziv Ben-David
Thank you for the article. So true! With over eight years of experience I find that families of children with special needs also benefit from preview visits to their destination countries in which schools are discussed and visited prior to child's arrival.
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