November 5, 2015

Exploring Relocation’s Biggest Challenges: Worldwide ERC Webinar

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Exploring Relocation’s Biggest Challenges: Worldwide ERC Webinar

Cartus has just concluded its fifth annual Biggest Challenges Survey—a much-anticipated part of our ongoing research program representing the input of 148 relocation managers around the world.

What are the Biggest Challenges in Relocation?

I encourage you to join us on Wednesday, November 11 for a Worldwide ERC® Learning Zone webinar, What Are Relocation’s Biggest Challenges?  We will explore the ever-changing mobility landscape and discuss key findings from our survey, including major relocation trends and potential implications for employees and HR professionals. We’ll also take a look at best practices in areas that companies say are important to their business goals, but are also very challenging, including China, Brazil, and various countries in Africa.

We hope that you are able to join Jennifer White, Manager, Cartus Consulting Solutions, and Molly Turchuk and Anna Watkins, Directors of Client Services, for this informational session. Visit our YouTube channel for a sneak peek of our survey, coming soon!


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