April 2, 2019

Brexit: (Still) Preparing for the Unknown

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Brexit: (Still) Preparing for the Unknown

Posted by: Lisa Reid, International Client Services Director.

It has now been 1,005 days since the UK voted to leave the European Union (EU). Last week we were supposed to be on the home straight. The Brexit question was going to be answered. But 29 March came and went and the UK Withdrawal Agreement failed to gain enough votes. So what does that mean for the UK and your relocation programmes?

Now What?

‘Brexit day’ is now scheduled for 31 October, which means the UK has until that time to avoid a no-deal Brexit. A number of alternatives may be explored, from re-negotiating the deal, holding a second referendum or choosing to revoke Article 50 and cancelling Brexit. As things stand, the only thing that’s certain is…well, that nothing is.

Preparing Your Relocation Programme for the Unknown

With each of these Brexit scenarios still a real possibility, how do you ensure that your business contingency planning meets each one? In truth, you can’t, but what you can do is set about creating a plan that’s flexible enough so that you can adapt it once Brexit becomes clearer. Our blog post, Brexit: Preparing for the Unknown outlines some of the ways you can prepare your global mobility programme in light of this uncertainty.

Following are our key recommendations:

  • Conduct a full review of your assignee population. How many will be affected by Brexit? What future moves do you have scheduled that may be impacted?
  • Work with your immigration provider. Determine what steps you need to take to ensure minimal disruption to your mobility programme, i.e., what documentation can you and your assignees gather now to meet the potential outcome of Brexit.
  • Communicate with all parties involved. Let impacted assignees know that there may be disruption to their assignments and share your contingency planning with key business areas.
  • Get in touch with your relocation provider. Is your business considering relocating out of the UK? Get in touch with your relocation services provider today to discuss your options and the unique set of challenges that each potential host location may present.

As the market leader in relocation services, Cartus will continue to monitor Brexit as it evolves. In the meantime, if you have any questions or want to find out more information, please do not hesitate to contact your Cartus representative or email: cartussolutionsemea@cartus.com.

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Lisa Reid

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Lisa is International Client Services Director and responsible for managing clients’ relocation policies and objectives. Based in our Swindon office, she has more than 16 years of experience in the global corporate relocation industry.

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