October 3, 2017

Broker Saves the Sale for a Relocating Employee

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Broker Saves the Sale for a Relocating Employee

Posted by: Julie Perfetti, Director, Real Estate Services

At Cartus, we market thousands of homes per year, and we see a pretty wide range of buying and selling scenarios. One situation that can offer a challenge for everyone is when there is a willing buyer for the home, but there are issues with a home inspection that delay the process. In those cases, resourcefulness, expertise, and teamwork are called for.

When a prospective seller’s inspection discovered that a finished basement in the home had not received the required permits, our broker, Connie, coordinated all of the needed inspections. She then had to go several steps further when the basement work was deemed unsatisfactory and had to be done over! All ended well, with happy buyers and a satisfied client, but not without all of the hard work, commitment and knowledge that our Cartus Broker Network members demonstrate every day.

Watch our short video to see how she did it and read the full story. See more stories like this by visiting the “Have Done, Will Do” area of our website.

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Julie Perfetti

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Julie has 30 years of corporate relocation experience, and for the past 10 years has served as Cartus’ Director of Real Estate. She has held positions in both Client Services and Real Estate Services  and is currently responsible for the Disclosure and Contract Closing teams and the TRG/Cartus supplier relationship.

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