October 22, 2019

Building Your Own Global Mobility Talent Management Forum

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Building Your Own Global Mobility Talent Management Forum

Posted by: Louise Koncowski, Senior Communications & Content Development Specialist.

It can often be challenging for HR and relocation managers to gain a strategic position within their organization. A position that allows them access to a forum whereby they can influence business decisions and share their knowledge and experience. How do you gain a seat at that coveted table? It’s a question addressed by Cartus’ Michele Brescia, vice president client services and Ingersoll Rand’s Holly Clontz, global mobility HR solutions leader in a recent Worldwide ERC® Mobility Magazine article, Can’t Get a Seat at the Table? Try Building Your Own!

Supporting and Influencing Your Organization

Many HR and relocation managers perhaps don’t realize the ways in which they can positively influence their organization’s business goals. In the Mobility Magazine article, Michele and Holly explain how this can be achieved by creating an internal global mobility talent management forum, one that gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise, innovations and ideas about how global mobility can support the wider business. For example, if an organization is trying to grow and needs key talent to do so, a global mobility team can attract, retain and help employees become productive faster. 

Tips for Creating a Successful Talent Management Forum

  • Prove your value. Understand your organizational goals, so that you can be prepared to talk about how you can help to achieve them.
  • Listen to what the business has to say.
  • Do your homework. Bring data to reference, success stories, updates to legislation etc.
  • Embrace feedback. Both positive and negative feedback are critical to your forum’s progression.
  • Encourage dialogue. Ensure your forum discussions are a ‘safe space’ in which people feel comfortable and confident to share their experiences.
For more tips and best practices on how to create your own global mobility talent management forum, read the Mobility Magazine article. Or, for more information on other aspects of relocation, check out our Resource Hub on Cartus.com.
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