March 1, 2016

The Cartus Brazil Office Celebrates its First Anniversary

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The Cartus Brazil Office Celebrates its First Anniversary

Brazil is famous for many things: a passion for soccer, a great combination of joyful people and beautiful nature, and its traditional hosting of the world-famous party that happens every year: Carnival.

What may not be known by everyone, though, is how challenging it can be to move to Brazil as an expat; from a time and energy-consuming visa process to a very particular business culture, from the language barrier to the bureaucracy of public departments—all of these add to an exciting but also intricate move to the fifth largest country in the world. 

Precisely because of these and other challenges, a year ago the Cartus office was officially set up in São Paulo. This global expansion not only represents the inauguration of Cartus’ global footprint in Latin America but also a changing approach to addressing customers’ concerns as they add Brazil to their operating locations.

How Can We Help Your Relocation Experience to Brazil?

The local expertise provided by Cartus is a powerful tool to fulfill the expectations of employees moving to Brazil, as well as to solve issues that may come up during their stay. In 2015, we assisted more than 1,400 assignees moving into, out of, or within Brazil.

We are looking forward to the many anniversaries that will be celebrated as milestones of an already winning partnership. For more tips on relocation best practices in Brazil, please view our video and request our “Best Practices in Brazil: A Guide for Mobility Managers.”

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Caio Leal is Client Services Director for Cartus’ office in Brazil. Based in São Paulo, Caio is a lawyer and has more than 12 years of experience in global mobility for the Latin America region.

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