December 29, 2014

Cartus Destination Service Provider Offices Win Multiple Awards!



Cartus Destination Service Provider Offices Win Multiple Awards!

As we relocate families to over 165 countries worldwide, we expect the highest possible standards from the destination service providers (DSPs) who work on the ground on our behalf. To ensure this, we source, select, monitor, and manage our suppliers to ISO 9001 accredited standards that are demanding and rigorous.

One of the highlights of our year is our annual GlobalNet Conference, where we recognize and reward the top performers in our truly international network.

At the conference this year, we were proud to recognize six of our own Cartus DSP offices with award accolades. We expect these teams to operate to the same very high standards as all of our providers do, including quality of service, compliance and ethics, performance metrics, and ongoing staff training.

In Europe, our Munich, Amsterdam and Geneva offices each won a Commitment to Excellence Award, and our Amsterdam office won a Platinum Award for Immigration services. 

In Asia, our Singapore and Hong Kong offices won Commitment to Excellence Awards and our Singapore and Shanghai teams won Gold Awards for immigration services. 

Commitment to Excellence

The Commitment to Excellence Awards are particularly special because the criteria are based on the service results given to the winners by the clients and international assignees whom they help to relocate. The Awards recognise a supplier’s measurable commitment to excellence over the last 12 months, including the Top Block® service scores (which indicate ‘excellence,’ and that the recipient could not have provided a higher level of service).

Destination Information to Help You and Your Assignees
Cartus’ destination service providers offer client and assignees regular updates on the property market in their location. Read the latest Market Watch information on Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich), China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Germany. For other locations, visit our Resource Page.

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