June 4, 2020

Cartus Partners With Chinese Multinational Company as it Expands its Footprint Globally

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Cartus Partners With Chinese Multinational Company as it Expands its Footprint Globally

The rapid growth and expansion of Chinese multinational companies has fueled their need for more robust mobility programs as they extend their reach globally.

Cartus has had the opportunity to assist the growth of one particular Chinese multinational conglomerate as they have expanded their global scope since 2017. Cartus has provided global mobility consultation and destination services for the company, and the number of assignments have increased from a mere handful to almost 300 to date.

The company’s relocation destinations have expanded beyond Southeast Asia to all of Asia, Europe, and America in a few short years. Faced with the rapid growth in relocation requirements and placement of employees across the globe, the company was not equipped to manage these assignments effectively in house. Thus, Cartus has successfully shortened the learning curve and established a long-term collaboration with this multinational through our rich global mobility experience and network of service providers in 185 countries.

We have diligently assisted Human Resources and Global Mobility managers in solving multiple challenges in their assignments, and have gone the extra mile to ensure their assignees’ relocation experience is smooth and enjoyable. Some of the challenges include being unfamiliar with local working style, local policies, contractual obligations, personnel management, communication, and lifestyle and education system of the destination countries. Let us take a look at some of these key challenges and how Cartus resolved them.

Large Volume and No Familiarity with Local Policy Requirements

cartus_businesssituations_450px.jpgWith rapid expansion to many parts of the world, the company’s internal team was not able to handle the volume of real-time information pertaining to each destination country. They also lacked the knowledge/skills in specific areas of immigration, taxation, and housing. Cartus’ assignment consultants and internal destination services team provided professional advice to employees in these areas to shorten the overall processing time.

Overcoming Language Barriers

Cartus provides bilingual destination information customized for each employee, and contracts with local DSPs to guide assignees on policies, lifestyle, culture, working style, and more for each country.

Diversity in Assignee Profiles

Due to the diversity of assignee profiles ranging from experienced to first-time assignees, and single vs. family moves, each assignment is unique. Our agile Cartus team designed a unique consultation and plan for each assignee to meet their needs. Our consultants are also fast in adapting to the communication styles of individual employees by providing high-touch and bite-sized information for time-strapped employees.

Assistance for Lump Sum Benefit Employees

Through our long-term partnerships and understanding of the challenges that assignees typically face, our service excellence motto drives us to also provide the same standard of service to lower tier and lump-sum benefit employees. We provide access to useful destination information and our network of recommended service providers—e.g., freight forwarders and temporary housing providers—to assist assignees as they self-navigate in an unfamiliar destination. This has helped to lessen an already stressful process and ensure a better employee experience.

Above and Beyond

Other services that we have provided to this Chinese multinational conglomerate and their employees include:

  • One-on-one consultation to help customers solve urgent problems in a timely manner, including material translation, agreement description, checks, and other matters
  • On-site Cartus staff to better understand and assist the customer’s global mobility strategy and requirements
  • Assistance for employees repatriating back to China, such as deposit refund application
  • Proactively recommending and providing services that enable employees to adapt to their destination quickly, such as cultural information and language training

Cartus’ partnership not only helped the company achieve its aggressive global expansion, it also improved the overall employee experience and success rate of their assignments, where employees are the key to the company’s success. Cartus has delivered a consistent high service excellence score of 95% Favourable & 95% Excellent.

With this common goal in mind, we believe we will continue to provide added value to the company as they continue to grow their footprint globally.

For more information about how we can help with your own global programs, please contact us at cartussolutions@cartus.com.

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