December 28, 2017

Cartus Singapore Wins Corporate Merit Award

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Cartus Singapore Wins Corporate Merit Award

Posted by: Boyet Papasin, Asia Pacific HR Director

Cartus Singapore was delighted to receive a 2017 Corporate Merit Award at the recent Singapore Health Awards. Organized by the Singapore Health Promotion Board the program aims to recognize outstanding corporate workplace health practices in Singapore.

Led by an active work health committee, Cartus has initiated numerous wellness activities for our Singapore teams including complimentary health screening, regular health communications and talks, health and wellness mini bazaars, happiness days, a weekly fruit day, massage services by masseurs from the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH), as well as fitness and recreation activities to encourage regular exercise, like jogging, futsal and even dragon boating!

A past recipient of Singapore Health Awards, to meet the criteria for this particular award Cartus demonstrated:   

  • Sustained efforts in the Workplace Health Program for at least ten years
  • Displayed all-roundedness in the planning and execution of the Workplace Health Program

In all Cartus offices around the world, we adopt an integrated approach to workplace health and corporate wellness, closely linking our HR strategy with our business goals. Building upon the success of our wellness program in Singapore, we will continue to implement innovative employee Workplace Health Programs to promote and cultivate health and wellbeing in all Cartus employees.

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