August 6, 2019

Cartus Technology Continues Advancing with MovePro360

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Cartus Technology Continues Advancing with MovePro360

As the market leader of relocation services, we know how important it is to listen to our clients. We also know how much a single source of truth solution would benefit and support those who manage a global relocation program. This is why we’re delighted to announce Cartus’ new centralized mobility hub, MovePro360SM. Our omnichannel platform is designed to help HR and mobility staff more successfully relocate their employees, while anticipating their needs.

You Spoke, We Listened

In surveying clients and prospects, one request kept coming up: the ability to access a comprehensive, real-time snapshot of their entire relocation program, while capturing data from key suppliers. Enter MovePro360!

The beauty and power of following an Agile approach is that it requires you to bring your stakeholders into the ideation, design, and build processes, considering their ideas and feedback into the prioritized product backlog that forms the basis for development. It’s a simple, but effective, concept that ensures flexible design, relevance, and powerful results. We’ve interviewed and sought feedback from more than 30 client representatives and an equal number of internal Cartus stakeholders as part of our initial ideation, design, and build phases. All have been excited and highly engaged in providing their insights to influence our path, and we will continue with this iterative (i.e. Agile) approach with each successive release.

With an expected release date of Q4 2019, MovePro360 is the largest technology initiative among an array of digital products that Cartus has launched recently, each designed to enhance the client and customer experience.

Meeting Your Relocation Needs

According to recent Cartus research, more than 70% of survey respondents said that they have to access three or more systems to successfully manage their mobility programs. Our omnichannel platform, MovePro360, aims to solve this cumbersome approach. By using the solution-focused philosophy of design thinking, the new technology will eventually incorporate:

  • Real-time move status
  • Live sentiment tracking
  • Benefit selection tool to support core/flex and employee-choice programs
  • Robust reporting
  • And so much more!

In a year of impressive Agile technology developments for Cartus, MovePro360 aims to connect people, services, and systems with complete, accurate, and timely information.

Read our press release for more information on MovePro360.

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Larry Ghirardo

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Larry is the Business Owner for developing MovePro360, a new omnichannel platform designed to help HR and mobility staff forward-manage their relocation program while anticipating transferee needs. He has over 30 years’ experience assisting companies with moving their employees globally. Prior to Cartus, he spent 18 years in public accounting specializing in expatriate services with a focus on tax compliance, consulting, global compensation and U.S. payroll reporting.

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