September 27, 2019

China Celebrates Golden Week, 黄金周 (huang jin zhou)

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China Celebrates Golden Week, 黄金周 (huang jin zhou)

In the coming week, China will celebrate its National Day on Tuesday 1 October. This public holiday is commonly referred to as “Golden Week”, as it lasts seven days in mainland China, from 1-7 October. In Macau, celebrations are held for two days and one day in Hong Kong. As one of the busiest holidays in China, Golden Week may impact travel plans and international assignees’ relocation schedules.

Along with the Spring Holiday Festival, this is one of the two ‘Golden Weeks’ that China enjoys. Many businesses will be closed during the festivities, as locals take the opportunity to travel back home or go away for the week. Organizations should communicate this to assignees, so that they are aware that many local shops and other businesses will be closed during this time.

Beijing, the national capital of China, commemorates this important day with military displays and a parade at Tiananmen Square. Other forms of celebrations such as flag-raising ceremonies, song and dance shows, firework displays, and painting and calligraphy exhibitions are also held to celebrate the National Day.

Impact to Relocation

Golden Week sees millions of people traveling into, out of, and across China. This will inevitably impact your international assignees’ day-to-day activities, as well as those relocating during this time. Key challenges that assignees should be aware of include:
  • Delays to household good shipments
  • Visa/immigration paperwork may take longer
  • Home search/look see visits may be interrupted, or take longer to complete
  • Flights and hotels will be limited in availability and cost more than at other times of the year
Should you have any questions regarding relocation to China during this period, please contact your Cartus representative or email
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