August 5, 2015

China Relocation: Some Immigration Rules Relaxed

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China Relocation: Some Immigration Rules Relaxed

New rules that came into force on 1 July 2015 could help skilled foreign workers in Shanghai. Read our new Mobility Insights on China Immigration for full details.

How Does This Impact Companies With Relocation Into China?

The ability to obtain permanent residency status and a resident permit could become easier under new rules that ease the eligibility criteria for highly skilled workers in Shanghai. Applicants must have resided in China continuously for four years, with at least six cumulative months in a year, and meet the annual income and income tax minimum for a permit to be granted.

In addition to this change, the processing time of an R (Talent) Visa is being speeded up to 90 days rather than 180, and resident permit applications for foreign students, investors, and those starting businesses in Shanghai have also been relaxed.

More widely in China, the visa rules for Taiwanese residents have also been relaxed.

These changes may allow greater flexibility for certain types of relocation. For more details, please read our Mobility Insights and for more information on relocating to China, view our Best Practices for Effective Relocation to China guide.   

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