April 8, 2015

Diverse Interests Showcased at Danbury’s “Get Involved” Fair



Diverse Interests Showcased at Danbury’s “Get Involved” Fair

“Getting involved” is nothing new at Cartus—our employees have a long track record of actively participating in groups and organizations within the company and their communities throughout our 60-year history.

Recently, the Cartus’ Global Diversity and Inclusion Council demonstrated that spirit with a “Get Involved” Fair. Held March 24, the fair was an opportunity for Danbury employees to find out about all the groups, clubs, and organizations that are available at Cartus Danbury and to express the energy and commitment to social responsibility displayed in our recent UN Global Compact report.

A caring organization starts with caring people, and those who take the opportunity to “give back” send a powerful message to the rest of us. An inclusive environment helps us create—and maintain—our unique and very special culture.


Cartus supports involvement with and participation in a myriad of resources group, clubs, and organizations, and events such as this one send the message that Cartus values employee participation because it enriches the employee experience. Community involvement has always distinguished Cartus; it’s something that has helped make us an industry leader. Joining one of these groups can also be a great way to share a passion with colleagues, meet new friends, or learn something new.

Employees who dropped by the fair visited many of the tables and took advantage of the opportunity to spend time chatting with the employees who were there to represent groups such as Cancer Support, Conservation Committee, Book Club, Esprit de Corps, the Diversity Council, and many more.

Each participating group displayed the materials associated with their activities and purpose, and this was a great opportunity to see all the possibilities for engagement that are available here, to build support and participation in the groups, and allow potential members to meet a few people who are already involved in each group. There was even a signup sheet for those who have an idea for a new group, and a quick check revealed that a new Walking Club has been proposed!

In addition to those mentioned above, these groups also participated:

Bible Study; Cartus Cares; Cartus Danbury Women’s Advisory Council; Danbury Diversity Council; Danbury Schools and Businesses Collaborative (DSABC); Danbury Women’s Network; iThrive; Junior Achievement; Knitting Club; Shutterbugs; Toastmasters; United Way; and Weight Watchers.

(Photos by Christian Quintanilla.)

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