June 16, 2015

Easy Steps to Help Relocating Employees Prepare for a Home Sale

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Easy Steps to Help Relocating Employees Prepare for a Home Sale

Easy Steps to Help Relocating Employees Prepare for a Home Sale

Relocating home owners who are preparing to list their house for sale need to keep in mind that as the seasons change, so does the chore list! We offer you some tips to help your relocating employees effectively prepare their home for sale.

Air Conditioning Upkeep

A summer home sale tip for sellers who have a central air conditioning system is to get it checked out before the house is shown. Our colleagues at US Inspect provide some useful tips to keep an a.c. system running at optimal levels throughout a long, hot summer. Some of the simpler tasks can be handled by home owners themselves; others require a call to a professional technician. One thing is certain: on hot summer days, a properly functioning central air conditioning system is a tremendous selling point!

De-Cluttering the House

Another important first step in a home sale is this one: de-clutter the house. A very useful way for homeowners to get started is by holding a yard sale—after deciding what to sell, what to keep, what to store, what to toss, and what to give away. Another great tip is to have a supply of your realtor’s business cards to give away to any customers who inquire, “Are you moving?”

Perking Up Your Surroundings

After the homeowner has cleared the place out, a logical next step is to look for quick and easy ways to refresh the home’s “look.” The US Inspect blog offers five simple but highly useful ideas for inexpensive ways to do just that. From updating  bed linens to changing out the art on the walls, these suggestions make sense, are cost-efficient, and will serve to perk up the surroundings—always a good thing, even if you aren’t planning to move!

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