January 31, 2017

Education Matters: Added Value to Relocation Through A Smart Solution

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Education Matters: Added Value to Relocation Through A Smart Solution

Posted by: Ashley Winter, Account Manager, EMEA

It goes without saying that high-quality education is top of the list for parents. Therefore, it’s to be expected that schooling is a delicate subject for international assignees with accompanying school-age dependents. This is also an important area of focus for clients, who typically use cost-forecasting methods to help them balance family needs with the most effective use of company resources. This was no different for one of our clients who was finding it difficult to plan for school-related spend in the UK due to school fees varying greatly from move to move.

Putting Us To The Test—Meeting Everyone’s Needs

Working with this client, I gained a full understanding of their schooling challenge and their desired result. It became clear that this exercise was about more than cutting costs – it was about delivering increased value, while maintaining high-quality service. This is never easy, but we were up to the challenge.

Our first step was to find the issue’s root cause by reviewing the client’s historic schooling costs. Our analysis uncovered a pattern: when state schools experienced a combination of high demand and limited availability, families would select private-school alternatives for their children. With no knowledge of a locale’s schooling options, or clear policy guidelines for private schooling and appropriate spending, the client’s HR managers would have no option but to approve assignee exception requests.

This approach lacked consistency, and we knew the proposed solution would need to help assignees get appropriate schooling for the children, while offering decision makers a reliable system to benchmark and estimate potential costs.

Our solution involved gathering a list of all schools (including their fees) that were typically being used by our client’s assignees. Using this information, and with the help of Cartus’ Consulting team, we calculated a capped school-fee allowance based on the average cost of the assignees’ typical school selections. Finally, we proposed an update to the client’s policy that included replacing a requirement for international assignees to use state schools with the capped school-fee allowance.

Passed With Flying Colours

In addition to greatly improving the international assignees’ experiences, the new approach would deliver on the client’s goal of more accurate cost projections, and reduce their costs by 20% going forward! 

Watch our short video of the whole story, and see more stories like this by visiting the “Have Done, Will Do” area of our website.

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