September 22, 2022

Flexible Mobility Pulse Survey Report APAC 2022 Available Now!

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Flexible Mobility Pulse Survey Report APAC 2022 Available Now!


In the era of the "Great Resignation" and post-pandemic recovery, there are substantial shifts in all areas of the workplace. We have observed significant changes in employee mindsets when evaluating or going on a new assignment. At the organizational level, there was rapid adoption of an employee-driven approach to policy-making and a growing need for more diversity and inclusion.

On the mobility front, we have seen more clients adopting the core/flex approach for their mobility programs, providing additional benefits and personalization to the employee and achieving an improved relocation experience, while allowing organizations to align their company cultures and priorities more succinctly.


This was echoed in proprietary industry research produced in conjunction with Worldwide ERC®, which confirmed that more than 70% of organizations are now using flexible mobility policies as part of their relocation programs. In the study, it was highlighted that long-term and permanent transfer policies have become more flexible since the pandemic with the use of a core/flex model.


  • 1-4% increase in flexible benefit
  • 70% of provisions are core and 30% are flexible


  • 10-24% increase in flexible benefits
  • 60% of provisions are core and 40% are flexible

Regional Research

Cartus recently conducted a regional pulse survey amongst Singapore-based multinational companies who carry out a variety of move types. The survey aimed to understand respondents’ priorities and focus this year with regards to their talent mobility strategy, including their approach to flexible mobility. Participating companies (totaling 16 respondents) represent a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, technology, consumer goods, financial, energy, and manufacturing.

Survey results showed the top reasons and objectives for a policy redesign and how to achieve a solution where everyone benefits from a more flexible mobility policy.

To learn more, download the 2022 Regional Pulse Survey Report: APAC

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