August 28, 2018

Ice Cream, the Ultimate Comfort Food for Relocating Employees

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Ice Cream, the Ultimate Comfort Food for Relocating Employees

Posted by: Libby Dowd, Senior Specialist, Communications

Here we are, wrapping up summer and the temperatures in the northern hemisphere are still rather toasty, keeping many of us dreaming of staying cool. For some people that means drinking lots of water, and for others a trip to the local ice cream shop is exactly what is in order. At Cartus, we move people to points around the globe every day and we strive to make their endpoint feel as comfortable and welcoming as possible. Having something familiar, and as simple as a cool dessert, can ease some of the stress of a move, even if just for a brief moment. 

Frozen desserts are found all over the world in one form or another, so let’s take a look at some of the most frequent locations we move people to and find the most popular frozen dessert spots in those areas. This post starts with the Americas, and we will follow up with the top locations in EMEA and APAC in the coming weeks.  No, we did not get to sample the goods, but we did some hardcore research and reached out to friends and family in these locations. Of course, if you have any other shops you want to suggest please do so in the comments. There can never be too many ice cream ideas!

The Americas

Houston, Texas

Houston, you have no problem at all when it comes to sweet, cool treats. There are a plethora of options for Houstonians to cool their palates.

Hank’s Ice Cream  

A Houston institution with 20 years of hand-churning experience producing 18 flavors daily. Houston native Beyonce is known to stop by when she’s in town for her go-to flavor of banana pudding, so obviously it must be fabulous.

Dulcia HandCrafted Ice Cream

A great saying on the wall decorates this liquid nitrogen ice cream joint—“All You Need Is Love, Happiness & Ice Cream” and that is something I can get down with. Pick your flavor, pick your add-ins, and watch the fog roll in.

Chills 360

The first of the very popular Thai-style rolled ice cream shops in Houston. Grab your cup or cone and snap away because these colorful creations are Instagram worthy.

San Diego, California   

Sunny Southern California clearly craves icy sweet treats all year long judging from the amount of cool ice cream shops.

Hammond’s Gourmet

Somehow, Hammond’s serves up perfectly round, globose confections. You can stay in the tame lane of vanilla or chocolate fudge brownie, but why do that when you can explore Ube (sweet potato) or peanut butter guava jelly?


Korean-style soft serve known as Ah-Boong, dished up in goldfish shaped waffles (not kidding) that you can dress up with a myriad of toppings. More Instagram worthy treats that are actually tasty. Four flavors, including black sesame and matcha, then pick a filling and add free toppings and snap a selfie with your crafted concoction.

Mariposa Ice Cream

For 15 years, this mom-and-pop operation has been dishing out classic flavors and promises to stay true to straight-up ice cream with no gimmicks or trends infiltrating this establishment. Owned by a couple of free spirits (think of it as the Ben and Jerry’s of Southern California, before Ben and Jerry’s went huge).

Redmond, Washington

Washington State may have the rep of soggy sunless days, but that is not entirely true. There is plenty of sunshine in the PNW to dive into the ice cream scene.

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream, Redman, WA

Any place that has a neon sign on the wall that reads “ice cream makes me happy” is a place I want to move to permanently. Saveur, BA, Food and Wine, Eater, etc. have sung the praises of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream for years. They are crafty enough to crush up Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies and add them to real mint (read: NOT shockingly green), ice cream. Smart move from some smart cookies.

FogRose Ice Cream

New to the ice cream scene, and putting a spin on the traditional ice cream experience, they use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze their ice creams and sorbets. They are adding a bar to their space in the fall of 2018…not an ice cream bar, but a bar, bar. Honestly, how could a champagne float have taken so long to be discovered?

Sirena Gelato, Kirkland, WA

The Italian version of ice cream has infiltrated most cities and towns in the states, and for that we are thankful. Grab a gelato cookie sandwich or a gelato shake and enjoy la dolce vita.

If you have any favorite ice cream shops, please let us know if the comments section! 

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