April 4, 2017

India Relocation: Customs Delays Affect Household Goods Shipments

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India Relocation: Customs Delays Affect Household Goods Shipments

At the current time, seaports in India are on a high alert following credible information that containers carrying illegal effects may be passing through major Indian ports. As a result of this, in all ports and arrivals, clearance paperwork and shipments are being scrutinized very thoroughly, which will impact international assignees. Additional screening activity is being conducted at the ports of discharge, and any suspicious containers are being held by customs for further inspection.

In some ports, including Delhi, unaccompanied baggage shipments are subject to 100% inspection. Passenger presence is also mandatory at the time of inspection for passengers arriving from a number of countries, most notably Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, UAE, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

This situation is receiving high priority, and customs officials are being very vigilant. Delays in clearing shipments can be expected in Chennai, Tughlaqabad, Kanpur, Kolkata, and Mumbai. There are also reports that airports, including Chennai, are being impacted.  

Impact to Relocation

Delays. As it will take time for Indian customs to conduct additional physical inspections, delays can be expected at this current time. This may mean that international assignees experience longer than expected wait times for their household goods to arrive.

Cost. Delays with household goods shipments may lead to additional port storage, demurrage, and other charges.

Temporary Housing. It may be necessary to extend temporary accommodation arrangements for assignees as a result of these delays.

Furniture Rental. Alternatively, furniture rental options can be considered as an interim arrangement. 

Cartus’ network will update us on a case-by-case basis about this situation, which we will continue to monitor. Please contact your representative at Cartus with any questions or concerns. 

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