September 10, 2015

Interns Join Cartus Singapore

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Interns Join Cartus Singapore

This summer, we were delighted to host two interns at our Singapore office. Goh Yan You was attached to our Intercultural and Language Solutions Team, and Farah Natalya joined one of our International Assignment Services teams. Here is an extract of  their internship experience with Cartus:

As part of our Bachelor-degree program at Singapore Management University, we had the opportunity of a two-month internship with Cartus Singapore. The first day we joined the team, we were introduced to everyone. We started with very little knowledge about the relocation industry, but our teammates were very accommodating and helpful and never hesitated to lend us a helping hand and share with us the more interesting aspects of their work. Throughout our time at Cartus, we have had many opportunities to learn, develop, and contribute to the work of our respective teams.

Intercultural Language and Solutions Team

Yan-You-with-Team-captionGoh Yan You: The Intercultural team ensured that I had the opportunity to try a wide variety of the tasks that they do on a daily basis. I was assigned a Cross-Cultural Training Program to work on from start to finish; this meant preparing training manuals, interacting with trainers and subject matter experts, compiling program evaluations, and submitting invoices. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to observe a training program and also to source new subject matter experts to expand our network. Interacting with my team members of diverse backgrounds and experiences has really opened my eyes to the value of being culturally aware and sensitive, particularly as the workplace becomes increasingly global.

International Assignment Services Team

Farah-with-team-captionFarah Natalya: I was attached to a team that manages the relocation of international assignees moving to Asia-Pacific. Our team consists of smaller groups specializing in key tasks involved in the relocation. Being rotated within these groups, combined with the training I received, allowed me to gain both technical knowledge and soft skills such as effective communication and customer service. I got to try my hand in key tasks such as updating country-specific documents, submitting work orders, and assisting with compensation audits. At the end of these rotations, I was able to contribute to a new-hire job guide using my firsthand knowledge as a ‘newbie’. There were many new things for me to learn and contribute, thus ensuring that there was never a dull day with the team.

Our internship gave us many learning opportunities outside of our specific job scope. We were able to attend internal Lunch & Learns, where we learned about the various topics that were shared; Toastmasters; and other country-specific sessions.  Our experiences at Cartus were enjoyable and meaningful, and we believe it will definitely help us in the future, whether in school or at work.

Cartus offers annual internship programs in many of our offices around the world. In some locations we have welcomed back interns for a second time with our company, and we have been successful in hiring ex-interns as full-time employees once their studies have concluded. We welcome this opportunity to train and develop the next generation of relocation industry professionals.

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