May 8, 2019

Ireland Relocation: How Cartus Supply Chain Supports International Assignees

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Ireland Relocation: How Cartus Supply Chain Supports International Assignees

Posted by: Jennie Harper, Supply Chain Manager.

It is well known that Ireland is one of the highest focused markets in EMEA at present, with Cartus managing over 1,300 moves to Ireland in 2018 alone. In order for Cartus’ Supply Chain group to gain a better understanding of the unique challenges faced in Ireland, and for successful relocation of our assignees moving there, I recently visited Ireland and our partners, Dwellworks Ireland, Corporate Care and a potential new provider to our network, Corporate Travel Management in Dublin and Cork. As a Supply Chain Manager for the EMEA region, this visit allowed me to gain firsthand knowledge of the quality and value of the services our suppliers are providing.

Housing Challenges in Ireland

Much like the zoning system in the U.S., cities in Ireland are divided into areas numbered D1 to D24. Due to the proximity to workplaces, a high volume of assignees want to live in the central areas of D1 and D2. These demand levels have resulted in a lack of available housing in both areas. To meet this challenge, Cartus consultants work with assignees to source suitable properties, including houses in other areas such as D4 and D6, citing benefits such as lower house prices and more choice in accommodation.  

Another issue is the lack of available housing in general. Assignees will often find that queues for property viewings can quite literally stretch around the block. Despite this, Cartus assignees benefit from first choice given by our suppliers in order to combat these wait times and ensure that our assignees receive their best fit in a timely manner. Ireland is currently building higher than ever before in order to accommodate the influx of moves, and Cartus assignees have first priority for these new developments.

I conducted a mock tour which verified first-hand the knowledge, quality, and value of the services our suppliers are providing. I was shown potential properties as if I were a Cartus assignee. The experts explained the many deciding factors of the properties, while providing me with insights the customer would not always be privy to. Their ability to adapt and communicate with Cartus assignees in such a challenging housing market was very impressive.

Cartus Suppliers Going that Extra Mile

As some assignees may seek a lower-cost option, such as sharing a property with a roommate, our suppliers understand better than anyone the importance of a harmonious relationship between housemates. Cartus suppliers offer solutions such as coffee mornings for those who elect to house share, aiding them in finding someone that they can live with. These mornings were devised as a casual and friendly solution to make the option of home sharing more attractive, allowing assignees the opportunity to find potential housemates in a relaxed setting.

Public Transport

I also tested the public transport links and was impressed with their efficiency. Given road congestion at peak times, public transport is a much quicker option for assignees. These transport links, primarily over ground trains and buses, are also a great option to those living outside areas D1 and D2 offering limited commute times.

Public transport is also very affordable with a LEAP card. A LEAP card is a must-have for relocating employees to Ireland (Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Limerick, and Galway), and offers up to 31% fare savings, preferable to the comparatively higher cost of car rental. LEAP cards work similarly to London Oyster cards and operate on a tap in, tap out system.

Synergy Between Cartus and our Suppliers

Concluding my visit to Ireland, I’m confident that the quality and care offered by Cartus suppliers is unmatched. Their expertise and drive in exceeding our assignees' expectations is precisely what is expected of them, and they consistently deliver! Visits such as these help Cartus to gain a clearer picture of challenging markets, and present an invaluable opportunity to communicate consistencies and realign processes. The visit was just another way to strengthen the relationships and synergy between Cartus and its suppliers and foster continual service excellence.

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