October 14, 2016

Join our Worldwide ERC Webinar: Maiden Voyages: Exploring Cultural Differences

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Join our Worldwide ERC Webinar: Maiden Voyages: Exploring Cultural Differences

I think we would all agree that a successful relocation is predicated upon the assignee and their family perceiving that they received stellar customer service that fully addressed their priority concerns.

While there is no doubt that every assignee would like to find a good home, get their kids into a school of their choice, and ensure that their belongings are delivered intact and in line with the promised schedule, we sometimes forget that different cultures may have a divergent perspective on what actually constitutes superior customer service. On October 24 at 11 AM EST, Jenny Castelino, Cartus’ Director of Intercultural & Language Solutions, APAC, will discuss what those perspectives are, and what they mean for service firms, as well as assignees, in our Worldwide ERC® webinar: Maiden Voyages: Exploring Cultural Differences, Leveraging Cultural Dexterity to Maximize Success

What thrills American assignees and their families may be perceived completely differently by Japanese ones. American assignees, for example, may emphasize a preference for living in larger houses with a private garden, whereas a Japanese family moving from Tokyo may prefer a smaller, more compact living space in an apartment block. The former may also appreciate a large number of options in all aspects of their moves, from the homes they are shown to the school choices or even the freight forwarder that is selected. Japanese families, on the contrary, may prefer the mobility provider, who is perceived to be the “specialist”, to reduce the number of choices, hence demonstrating their expertise and knowledge.

Join Cartus for our webinar and a fascinating overview of how you can successfully navigate the cultural expectations of your assignees, and leverage cultural dexterity to achieve success in your mobility program.

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