October 18, 2017

Key Considerations for Keeping Your Relocating Employees Safe

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Key Considerations for Keeping Your Relocating Employees Safe

Posted by: Daniel McInnes, Client Services Manager

“Duty of Care” is the responsibility that employers have to ensure the well-being, safety, and security of their employees. This responsibility should always be in place, but is especially necessary, and more pronounced, when relocating employees and their families are on an international assignment in a new location away from home.

In today’s increasingly volatile world, this part of risk management has become crucial, with terror attacks, civil uprising, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions all having taken place in recent years and posing a risk to employees. To safeguard business operations and employees, your organization's preparedness is key.

Our Duty of Care Mobility Insights paper details some considerations for mobility managers, including:

  • Best practice recommendations on how to stay compliant with the plethora of visa and immigration regulations involved,
  • How to protect personal data while  ensuring you have the needed information on both relocating employees and families,
  • How to differentiate between “perceived” and “actual” risk, and
  • What steps are needed to ensure you are prepared for unforeseen crises.

For more information on relocation hot topics and trends, visit our Resource Hub on Cartus.com, or email us at trustedguidance@cartus.com.

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