November 15, 2018

Listen to a Replay of our Worldwide ERC Webinar on Predictive Analytics and Its Value to Your Mobility Program

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Listen to a Replay of our Worldwide ERC Webinar on Predictive Analytics and Its Value to Your Mobility Program

Posted by: Neil Bussell, Director, Business Intelligence & Data Management 

I recently had the pleasure of co-presenting a Worldwide ERC® webinar, The Power of Predictive Analytics and Its Value to Your Mobility Program, with Greg Bonnette, VP of Strategy & Innovation at Ironside. In the webinar, we explored the important aspects of advanced analytics, its potential for predicting the components and outcome of your transferees’ experience, and how it can help shape your relocation policies in the future.

Among the key points of the webinar:

  • Why does more data matter? Large sets of data are required to reach the critical mass needed for predictive models to produce an accurate range of results. 
  • There are predictions being made in three main pillars: 
    • Employee choices (minimizing disruption) 
    • Mobility program management choices (optimizing operations) 
    • Talent management choices (developing employees and maximizing ROI) 
  • Data privacy and ethics should be considered in every step of the process and never be compromised.

If you didn’t get a chance to attend, please take the opportunity to listen to a playback of the webinar and view the presentation for some real-life examples of use cases that demonstrate how predictive analytics can help corporations develop competitive relocation programs.

Additional Resources

For more information on how Cartus is looking to use predictive analytics to improve the relocation journey for our clients and their transferring employees, please read my earlier blog post, Introducing Cartus’ Leading Edge Analytics Practice: LEAP.

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