April 12, 2018

A Day in the Life of a Millennial Relocation Consultant

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A Day in the Life of a Millennial Relocation Consultant

Posted by: Kayleigh Starling, Account Executive

Our August, 2017 blog, "Hello, My Name is Millennial", highlighted the growing number of millennial assignees. In some tech companies, this group surpasses other generations by as much as 30%. As a consultant at Cartus, I know that catering to this demographic through exceptional customer service is vital for our business to remain successful in the long-term.

Millennials show preferences for quick consumption of important information, customization, and speed. So, what value can Cartus provide in order to cater for relocating millennial needs and support this ‘Do-It-Yourself’ generation?

Human Touch Vs Technological Edge

When I am preparing to introduce myself to a new international assignee, I adjust my approach depending on the information that I have available to me. I start to build an idea of the assignee “persona” - age, family size, location (for cultural alignment), and contact preference. As our relationship builds throughout the relocation process, this persona adjusts and becomes more accurate, enabling me to proactively assess needs and deliver exceptional customer service.

I understand that millennials hold different views about where human-powered service adds value to their customer experience, that they have years of experience with online and self-service tools, and the last thing they expect is human intervention when it’s not beneficial to them. A common perception for this group is that a technology option is often much faster than picking up the phone; so email, webchat, and video conferencing are all tools at our fingertips.

Building the right experience for this new generation of international assignees requires us to take a step back and think hard about the best way to provide impactful, timely information supported by Cartus’ innovative Interactive Timeline.

Communication Style

Millennials have grown up with digital devices that bundle communication, entertainment, shopping, mapping, and education. These international assignees are more willing to share their personal data and information online. The CartusOnline portal allows our millennial assignees to create a profile, verify personal information, request lump sum payments, and schedule calls with a consultant, without Cartus human intervention. Remember…speed is of the essence!

At any time, they can reach me if they need to, and I can ensure that I adjust my engagement style by decreasing call times and delivering bitesize information. And they can always find everything online right?

Right…Without a second thought, millennials use online platforms whenever they have a question or want to learn something. I would say, however, that the most important element of my job is to provide expert relocation guidance when it’s needed, based on knowledge gathered throughout Cartus’ unmatched 60 years of service, or guide the assignee to the right online content.

It’s not all just about Millennials though…

Consultants have to remain adaptable and ready for any generational group. What I enjoy the most about being a consultant is the fast-paced, challenging environment that allows me to take the lead. I take a proactive, project management approach to working with globally mobile employees, but no day is the same. In order to cope with this, we rely on social learning methods daily, and love to find solutions to problems as a group. The really great thing about being a millennial in mobility, is that my own needs for speed, flexibility, and thirst for information are met, whilst making a real impact on the lives of others.

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Kayleigh Starling

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Kayleigh joined Cartus in 2014 as an assignment management consultant and transitioned to account executive in 2015. She has experience with moving an array of customer types across the world and has been heavily involved in significant projects to enhance our customer journey

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