August 3, 2022

Mobility Matters, Episode 2: "Temporary Living Challenges Today: APAC"

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Mobility Matters, Episode 2: "Temporary Living Challenges Today: APAC"

The long-drawn pandemic has brought about tremendous changes in the temporary living space. Amongst these changes, in the past two years we have seen a consolidation of providers, skyrocketing rentals, weekday packages offered to remote workers, and an increased demand for bigger units to accommodate working remotely.

As air travel recovers globally, there are new challenges every day—from volatile immigration timelines to a shortage in supply chain staffing—as providers adjust and race to meet demands.

In this episode of “Mobility Matters,” we launch the topic of “What’s Happening in the Temporary Living Arena?” and focus on the global challenges faced by temporary living providers and the innovative solutions offered by subject matter experts Alzone Ang, Vice President of Cartus Global Talent Mobility, and Michelle Low, Global Vice President of Supply Chain from Synergy Global Housing, a leader in serviced accommodation program management.


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Guest biographies:

Alzone Ang


Alzone Ang is currently based in Singapore and has more than 15 years of experience in the global mobility industry. Since joining Cartus in 2005, he has worked on multiple client engagements, ranging in size from one of our largest international clients to smaller regional accounts. In his current role as Vice President of Global Talent Mobility, Alzone leads both the regional relocation operations as well as global engagements for some of Cartus’ strategic clients.


Michelle Low


Michelle Low joined Synergy Global Housing early this year as Global Vice President of Supply Chain and she is based out of Synergy’s Singapore office. Michelle began her career in hospitality at several top hotels such as Shangri-La and Conrad where she held sales management roles before transitioning to corporate housing and global mobility, with senior leadership roles at Oakwood and Cartus. In her latest position with Oakwood, Michelle was responsible for setting the global strategic direction in sales and revenue distribution at the corporate level.

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