January 10, 2017

Moving with Pets: Meeting Unique Needs

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Moving with Pets: Meeting Unique Needs

Helping international assignees move their pets from one international location to another is nothing really new to me. Or, at least, that’s what I thought when I began working with an employee who was moving from Russia to Switzerland and needed to move her pet bulldog. Seems pretty straightforward, but this particular pet came with a set of challenges—he was slightly overweight, and had some health issues that made it impossible for him to travel by air. Understanding the health risks, and how important her pet was to the employee, I needed to come up with a viable alternative to put the relocating employee, client, and pet at ease.

A Unique Solution for a Unique Relocation Challenge

I immediately began working closely with the client and relocating employee to secure approval for the bulldog’s big move. Once the approvals were in place, I began researching and sorting through alternate ways to get him to his new home safely and within the allocated budget. After a wide search that included translating multiple websites written in foreign languages, I found a pet moving company based in Russia that would not only transport the assignee’s prized companion in a comfortable camper van, but would also communicate with the relocating employee daily, supplying photos and emails to document his trip! As this wasn’t a regular supplier of ours, I worked to ensure we could cover the cost of this flexible solution for the employee. Needless to say, the relocating employee was ecstatic with this solution and it put her at ease and relieved her stress.

A Happy Reunion

After a drive that lasted several days, the travelling bulldog arrived in Switzerland, happy to be reunited with his human. Throughout the trip, he was safe and comfortable, allowing the employee to start her new job with confidence and come home to where her best friend would be waiting every day after work.

Moving with pets can be challenging, but it was easy to put myself in the relocating employee’s shoes and imagine what it would feel like if I were relocating my pet. By having a little bit of perseverance and resourcefulness, I was very happy to meet the employee, and her pet’s, needs, starting her international assignment off on a good note, while providing a flexible solution that met our client’s budget requirements.

Watch our short video for the whole story, and see more stories like this by visiting the “Have Done, Will Do” area of our website.

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