December 18, 2014

Navy Federal Credit Union Celebrates 25-Year Partnership with Cartus!

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Navy Federal Credit Union Celebrates 25-Year Partnership with Cartus!

Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU), headquartered in Northern Virginia, this year celebrates 25 years of partnership with Cartus! NFCU is the world’s largest credit union, with $62 billion in assets, 5.1 million members, 259 branches, and a worldwide workforce of more than 12,000 employees.

Cartus partners  with NFCU on their private-label real estate assistance program called “RealtyPlus”, available nationwide to all Navy Federal members. It provides real estate assistance to NFCU members and, in most states, pays cash back to members when they buy and/or sell their home. Through Cartus and the RealtyPlus program, select Cartus Broker Network real estate professionals assist NFCU members with their home-buying and –selling needs.

In the last five years, the RealtyPlus program’s closed transactions increased by a stunning 200% and, year to date, 14% of first mortgages were closed through the program.

Furthering their partnership, NFCU and Cartus recently invited select brokers to an inaugural event that is planned to be held annually. Called the “RealtyPlus Broker Network Summit,” it was a day of learning and education on mortgages, best practices, and providing exceptional service, as well as an awards presentation. “Providing the best member service should shine through every area of our business,” emphasized Navy Federal’s Assistant Vice President, Real Estate Agent Liaison, Bill Tessier. He added, “This conference is a great opportunity to further educate our broker partners on best practices and exceptional service.”

Honorees at the Navy Federal RealtyPlus Broker Network Summit included Cartus’ sister company Coldwell Banker, six of whose brokers from five different states took home top awards.

The Cartus Affinity team is honored to assist NFCU’s membership during their home-buying and -selling experience. Our cash-back bonus program is a valuable benefit to NFCU members, and the Cartus Broker Network is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for every NFCU member. We look forward to the next 25 years of our partnership!

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