May 17, 2019

Next Practices in Talent Mobility: Cartus Presents at Executive Next Practices Forum

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Next Practices in Talent Mobility: Cartus Presents at Executive Next Practices Forum

Posted by: Patrick Lewis, Manager, Content Development and Communications.

We are pleased to announce that Cindy Madden, Director, Consulting Solutions at Cartus, will be presenting at the Executive Next Practices Forum onMay 23 NYC Executive Next Practices Forum.jpg May 23, 2019 at the HSBC Conference Center in New York City. The theme of the event is Global Business Re-Invented: Next Practices in Talent Mobility and Adaptability, and Cindy will discuss global trends and their potential impact on the future of global mobility.

This is a great opportunity for mobility leaders to share their strategies for the future of the workplace and their insights on talent mobility and adaptability, including:

  • Global Value Chains - the new business partnering role for HR.
  • Digital Integration - holistic approaches to talent/mobility programs.
  • Future Workplaces - leveraging technology for employee autonomy and inclusion.
  • Intrapreneurship - the global design, cultural, and execution challenge.

Space is limited so if you are interested, be sure to register today at

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