May 10, 2022

OUT NOW! Flexible Mobility White Paper: Building Budgets

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OUT NOW! Flexible Mobility White Paper: Building Budgets

Even with a clear philosophy for policy design, the minutia of creating a flexible mobility policy can require a great deal of care and attention. Our previous white papers in Cartus’ Flexible Mobility series have looked at demystifying flexible mobility terms, discussed how to choose the right policy-type for your business, and shared details of a successful core/flex collaboration with Nike. In this next paper, Flexible Mobility: Building Budgets, we review the tools and methods required to create your flexible solution, as well as how to test its efficacy and viability before it faces the real test… truly supporting your relocating employees.

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Worried About Providing “Too Much Choice”? 

There is the fear that a flexible mobility model may include too many benefit choices. We’re faced with a whole host of decisions in nearly all aspects of life and sometimes there’s just too much choice. (Tall, non-fat latte with soy milk and caramel drizzle, anyone?) Regardless, we have come to expect and value choice more than ever, so it’s about getting the balance right.

Walk into a sandwich bar, you’ll find at least six types of bread, four toppings, eight potential salad items and four sauces. The simple act of ordering lunch has thousands (if not millions) of possible outcomes before you’ve even decided if you want a drink.

Yet most people manage to make these choices without getting too stressed, so it’s less about the volume of plausible outcomes and more about how you present those choices and make them more digestible to the user. In this case, the relocating employee.

By showcasing relevant and likely mobility benefit choices, and offering guidance on how to make those decisions, you can provide relocating employees with equity of choice and serve a more diverse customer base, which excludes no one…because when that person who just wants bread, onions and four helpings of chipotle mayo comes in, their experience is just as important as the person who wants the most popular option.

Stay Ahead of the Game 

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