May 20, 2021

Pandemic Prompts Unique Remote Work Arrangements for Cartus Clients

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Pandemic Prompts Unique Remote Work Arrangements for Cartus Clients

In today’s “new normal,” organizations are facing increasing pressure to figure out ways to balance their overall business objectives while ensuring their employees feel fully supported. But how do they achieve this balance? Our latest white paper, Demonstrating Duty of Care through Unique Remote Work Arrangements, explores how Cartus is currently helping several of its clients deliver a unique relocation program.

The program provides employees with the option to temporarily move to a different location. Since they are working from home anyway, working remotely from a different location makes little difference to the organization but has a big impact on employee welfare. It allows them to be with loved ones at a time when support networks are vitally important for mental health. It also provides them with the opportunity to work in a different environment, perhaps moving from a one-bed, high-rise apartment to a family home in the countryside.

At a time when emphasis on an organization’s duty of care has never been greater, nor more expected by employees, the option of a temporary work arrangement ensures our clients’ employees feel truly supported during these challenging times.

Distributed Workforce Solutions

We’re also delighted to now be able to manage organizations’ remote worker and business travel compliance needs through a joint partnership with Topia. Facing an increasingly complex workplace, HR and mobility managers must take on new obstacles and navigate within ever-changing regulations that can be challenging to track. Through our automated, cloud-based solution, Cartus manages your organization’s distributed workforces to mitigate tax, immigration, payroll, and other compliance risks. This solution combines innovative technology with white-glove service for a holistic approach to managing relocation, while offering:

  • Advanced data analytics
  • Intuitive dashboards and heat maps
  • Exceptional user experience with privacy at its core
  • Reliable bank-grade security
  • And more

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Working closely with our clients throughout the pandemic, we demonstrate unparalleled agility, flexibility, and creativity to provide solutions that ensure their organizations move closer towards their business goals. Partnership stories like the one outlined in this Cartus white paper highlight the tremendous value and experience that our in-house mobility experts bring to the table. We will continue to guide you through today’s complex challenges by providing innovative solutions and thought leadership that help you build a successful talent mobility strategy for 2021 and beyond.


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