June 26, 2018

The Peak Moving Season is Upon Us and Cartus is Ready!

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The Peak Moving Season is Upon Us and Cartus is Ready!

Posted by: Pat DeDonato, SVP, Supply Chain Management

The peak season for the movement of household goods is upon us! The challenges facing the U.S. household goods industry have been well documented: rising costs, increasing government regulations, driver shortages, and changing move demographics, just to name a few. These elements have combined to potentially add stress to an already challenging summer household goods time! However, Cartus is ready and well-prepared to meet all of the household goods shipment needs for our clients and their transferring employees.

Cartus works with all of the top van lines in the industry to ensure that van line hauling capacity is reserved for Cartus moves and that we have no household goods issues during the peak summer season. We have partnered closely with the industry and have enhanced relations with our suppliers so that Cartus moves are prioritized in the booking process. Our Household Goods Assurance simply states that through our strong partnerships with select household goods suppliers, we are committed to delivering on the needs of our clients and their transferring employees.

Even with the strong alliances we have in place, there are a number of things that you can do to make sure your moves go smoothly during the busy season.

Best Practices for Relocation Managers

  • Be sure to authorize moves as far in advance as possible to ensure that we match your moves to the best van line logistics
  • Avoid rush moves, they are challenging to book and may cause delays
  • Ideally, you should try not to cancel or postpone scheduled moves to ensure that all moves go smoothly and there is capacity for the dates your employee needs
  • Flexibility in scheduling can eliminate challenges
  • Challenges and unique situations arise in every move – make sure you are available to answer questions quickly and respond in a timely fashion for any needed approvals

Best Practices for Transferring Employees

The Cartus consultant will guide your transferring employees before, during, and after the move, but here are some helpful tips for transferring employees to remember:

  • Don’t make travel plans the same day as the move
  • Do a thorough walk through with the driver before and after loading and unloading to make sure you are in agreement that everything has been taken care of to your satisfaction
  • If you have small children and pets, it is best to have someone available to take care of them so that you can focus on working with the movers
  • Clear your home of clutter and make sure that driveways, walkways and access to residence are clear for the movers
  • Understand the delivery “spread” so you are available to take delivery
  • Put aside any valuables and important papers that you do not want to get packed, and ensure that they are safely placed out of the way before packing and the move day
  • Understand and sign all appropriate documentation from the move crew
  • Complete a final walk through at both the departure and destination with the driver and crew and note any property damage and any damaged or missing items on the paperwork
  • Don’t schedule closings on, or close, to the move date

Key Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Moves in the Busy Season

Remembering a few key things will keep things running smoothly when planning your moves in the peak season.

1)      Plan your moves well in advance

2)      Communicate, and even over communicate, to make sure that everyone is on the same page

3)      Be flexible and have the ability to adjust your plans as necessary

4)      Respond to challenges and unique situations quickly to keep things moving smoothly

Cartus continues to work with our suppliers to bring innovative ideas to the move process. For example, small shipment solutions and alternative best-in-class move options will be brought to the market in the coming months. If you have any questions on the household goods move process or Cartus’ capabilities, contact your account manager or Cartus representative.

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