December 27, 2018

The People Have Spoken! Top Blog Posts of 2018

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The People Have Spoken! Top Blog Posts of 2018

Posted by: Patrick Lewis, Manager, Content Development

During the past year, Cartus published blog posts exploring a wide variety of topics, providing valuable information and best practices for relocation and HR professionals. Your views and shares have helped us identify which topics were the most popular. Here’s an overview of the most viewed Cartus blog posts of 2018!

Tracking Global Relocation Trends: Cartus Releases Survey Report

Cartus’ 2018 Biggest Challenges survey included feedback from more than 200 global mobility managers on the challenges they are facing in their relocation programs, what they are doing to manage them, and hot topics and trends in the relocation industry.

Executive Series: Interview with Cartus’ New CIO and SVP, IT, Rizwan Akhtar

Part One-Agile Development
Part Two-Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Two-part interview series with Cartus’ CIO & SVP, IT, Rizwan Akhtar, on technology transformation in the relocation industry. Part one discusses how Cartus is embracing Agile Development, and part two focuses on Application Programming Interfaces (or APIs) and how they are an important part of our digital strategy.

Introducing Cartus’ Leading Edge Analytics Practice: LEAP

Cartus introduces our Leading Edge Analytics Practice, LEAP, which will bring revolutionary capabilities to clients and their relocating population through the use of predictive analytics, allowing us to forecast relocation outcomes for mobility managers and personal move milestones for employees.

Customer-Driven Innovation Powers an Intuitive Suite of Digital Relocation Tools

Cartus introduces MovePro Toolkit—a dynamic suite of digital tools, powered by customer-driven innovation—to help both you and your transferring employees navigate the entire relocation journey with ease and confidence, supported by our exceptional customer service.

Seeing Farther, Faster: Helping Relocating Employees Personalize Their Relocation Journey

The Cartus MovePro Timeline, powered by our predictive models, dynamically updates as a move progresses, shifting key activities and tasks while reforecasting future milestones, allowing employees see at a glance what they’ve accomplished, and what’s still ahead.

Strategic or on Autopilot? How Is Your EBT Program Performing?

As the mobility landscape continues to evolve, are programs keeping pace? Extended Business Travelers (EBTs) are on the rise as organizations seek cost-effective alternatives to long-term assignments and employees look for flexible career development opportunities that do not involve a longer-term move.

Is Your Company Ready for GDPR? — Cartus Releases Survey Report

As part of our readiness project for GDPR, we conducted a short pulse survey to find out how companies were prioritizing GDPR, what challenges they faced, and how they readied themselves for when the regulation took effect.

A Day in the Life of a Millennial Relocation Consultant

This post, from the point of view of a millennial relocation consultant, discusses how Cartus can support a growing demographic of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ generation employees that prefer quick consumption of important information, customization, and speed.

Perspectives on China: The Evolution of the Relocation Market

Global companies are sending Chinese nationals on international assignments out of China in increasing numbers. Our pulse survey, Perspectives on China: The Evolution of the Relocation Market, provides insight on the unique priorities and challenges companies are facing.

Cartus Expands Operations in India with a New Global Service Center in Bengaluru

India is a rapidly growing and important market. Companies faced unique opportunities, priorities, and challenges when moving employees to, from, and within India. Our pulse survey report provides feedback from mobility managers, and we also highlight the expansion of Cartus operations in India with the opening of a new Global Service Center in Bengaluru.

Relocation Repayment Agreements = ROI, Do the Math!

At a time where every dollar a company spends is highly scrutinized, sending an employee on an international assignment can be both a significant financial investment and a substantial risk. Learn how many companies are minimizing risk by utilizing repayment agreements.

International Relocation and the LGBTQ Community

The global workforce is becoming more mobile and diverse than ever before. Learn more about the challenges that LGBTQ employees may face on assignment in a new location, and how HR professionals supporting these assignments can help ensure the assignment is successful.

The Cartus blog team would like to wish you a happy and healthy 2019. If you have topics you’d like to see covered, please let us know by commenting on this post; we look forward to hearing from you!

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