July 5, 2018

Perspectives on China: The Evolution of the Relocation Market

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Perspectives on China: The Evolution of the Relocation Market

Posted by: Candy Lu, Client Services Manager, China

Global companies are sending Chinese nationals on international assignments out of China in increasing numbers. The opportunities and challenges when moving these employees can be substantial and are evolving. We recently conducted a short pulse survey to solicit feedback from organizations that relocate Chinese nationals out of China on the unique priorities and challenges they are facing. The survey report provides a better understanding of the dynamics of moving employees out of China.China Pulse Survey-thumb-281px.png

Download our pulse survey report, Perspectives on China: The Evolution of the Relocation Market, to find out how your industry peers are managing moves out of China. The key findings of the pulse survey report answer questions including:

  • Are the trends in assignment types for moves out of China supporting the overall global trend of an increase in shorter-term assignments?
  • What are the main challenges facing both organizations and outbound Chinese nationals ?
  • How are companies encouraging employees to stay with their organization upon repatriation?
  • What are the most common benefits offered to outbound Chinese nationals?

Cartus Launches WeChat App

WeChat is vital in China for both business and personal use, encompassing messaging, social media, and mobile payment all in one. In fact, WeChat stands as one of the world's largest standalone mobile apps with one billion monthly active monthly user accounts! Cartus is pleased to announce that we now have a WeChat presence which will help us better share our expertise, the latest mobility news, as well as emerging trends, with users in China. The WeChat app is bilingual (English and Chinese) for easier use and gives us greater local relocation market visibility.

Cartus moves thousands of employees into, within, and out of China each year, and we are excited to add WeChat to the technology offerings that we have available to our clients and their employees.

If you would like more information on Chinese relocation, or to discuss the pulse survey findings, contact your Cartus representative, or email us at trustedguidance@cartus.com.

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Candy is the client services manager responsible for large engagements in China and has been with Cartus China for seven years. She has extensive experience in operational delivery and account management, and has 12 years of relocation experience.

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