October 17, 2018

Pioneering Tech Tool Helps Manage Costs While Putting Employees in Control of their Relocation

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Pioneering Tech Tool Helps Manage Costs While Putting Employees in Control of their Relocation

Posted by: Tony Ceriello, Vice President, Product Solutions

Every move is personal, and in the age of digitally powered personalization, transferees expect every aspect of their relocation experience to be optimized to their individual situation—while also knowing that an experienced consultant is just a call or email away.

Cartus survey data shows that 76% of mobility managers are seeing an increased need for flexibility in their mobility programs, with budget being the primary driver by far. However, flexible policies bring their own challenges, including increased exceptions (which drive up costs), the need to constantly monitor and train business owners and users on the program, and budget uncertainty.

MovePro BenefitsBuilder Optimizes Budget and Policy Flexibility for Managers and EmployeesBB Quote1.png

Clearly, the need for actual policy flexibility exists; what is missing is an approach that companies find effective and compelling enough to take the place of ad hoc solutions. That’s exactly why we created MovePro BenefitsBuilderSM—a unique tool to help companies manage relocation costs while putting employees in control of their relocation experience.

For companies looking to restructure their relocation program to adopt a contemporary employee choice-based approach, MovePro BenefitsBuilder provides a new way for employees to manage their move journey by choosing the services they want from their “bank” of relocation benefits. By weighting each benefit with a point or dollar amount, the tool calculates in real time exactly how much allowance has been spent, and how much remains. It also provides descriptions of each benefit with a single click, eliminating the need to reference a separate policy document.

Thanks to our streamlined, intuitive interface, relocating employees can create and share as many combinations as they like while they explore the best benefits package for themselves and their families. They can also confer and collaborate with their Cartus consultant at any time for insights or recommendations about best practices when it comes to choosing their benefits.

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We had the opportunity to pilot this industry-pioneering technology with two of our most innovative and forward-thinking clients this summer, allowing their relocating employees to completely customize their relocation benefits based on the allotted services their company had pre-approved. The pilot’s success is evidenced by exceptional customer satisfaction results and an ever-growing number of employee testimonials. 

To learn more about how MovePro BenefitsBuilder can help your company manage your budget while optimizing your employees’ relocation experience, contact your Cartus representative. Also, be sure to watch our short MovePro BenefitsBuilder highlight video below, and visit our MovePro overview on Cartus.com to see how our innovative technology can support you and your transferring employees.

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