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Karen Wilks

Karen has more than 20 years of global mobility industry experience in operations and account management. She has had oversight of a diverse portfolio, managing multiple acquisitions and dispositions and policy re-designs. She has executed enhanced delivery models to maximize service excellence and drive customer satisfaction. Currently, Karen is driving the “Reimagine Work” initiative to develop a strategy for building a work environment adaptable to ever-changing times and focusing on empowering teams to be successful.

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Guided by President and CEO Katrina L. Helmkamp’s vision and leadership, I’m proud to say that the team at Cartus hit the ground running on our new “Reimagine Work” initiative—which, four months later, continues to evolve. In the spirit of openness and collaboration, we are excited to share some of…
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At a time where every dollar a company spends is highly scrutinized, sending an employee on an international assignment can be both a significant financial investment and a substantial risk. To minimize that risk many companies are utilizing repayment agreements.