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Jennifer White

Jen is a manager of Consulting Solutions, which supports clients and prospects in the areas of policy and program design, group moves, destination location research, and the development of customized mobility websites. She has more than 25 years’ experience in the global mobility industry, predominantly in global operations, account management, program implementation, and policy design. Jen earned her CRP and GMS designations from Worldwide ERC®, and she is a member of the Chicago Corporate Relocation Counsel (CRC) and Human Resource Management Association of Chicago (HRMAC).

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Over the years, the business world has latched onto numerous buzzwords and catchphrases, including: Thinking outside the box Low-hanging fruit Transparency Innovation Optimization Disruption While “Diversity and Inclusion” is sometimes lumped into this category, we prefer to think of the…
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Our latest white paper, Repatriation ROI: Policy & Program Best Practices, looks at the challenges of repatriation, how to boost a return on investment through talent management, and recommendations to help ensure the successful repatriation of your international assignees.
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Read our white paper, Supporting Dual Career Couples with Their Mobility Needs, to learn more about managing dual career assignments.